AIWS Considering Emerging Challenges to Democracy

In the 21st century, and especially in the last few years, a number of disturbing challenges have emerged that may threaten peaceful democratic governance. AIWS works at the intersection of technology and politics to envision the best possible future. We believe that peaceful democratic governance that uses new technology ethically is the ideal. Our members are considering pressing questions today, such as:

  • How can we face the challenge of extreme nationalism and populism?
  • How can we face the challenge of new authoritarianism and dictatorships?
  • How can new technology help promote democracy?

AIWS believes that artificial intelligence and related technologies offer a good solution to these challenges. AI analytics will help us better understand political trends and leaders in a more rational way. AI and cyber technology can help us identify dictators and raise the alarm sooner and more effectively. They can also help combat extreme nationalism and fake news that threaten open and peaceful societies.

We also believe that meeting these challenges requires cooperation and dialogue between governments, corporations, and academics. This is why we collaborate with groups like Club de Madrid in their Next Generation Democracy initiative. It is also why we work with pioneers like Walter Langelaar, who co-developed the world’s first AI politician. AIWS believes that, no matter what challenges democratic society faces, collaboration and ethical technology can help us.