‘Global Guerillas’ Looks at Emerging Tech Threats

In an age of such rapid innovation, not everyone is optimistic. John Robb, founder of the blog Global Guerillasprefers to remain cautious. Robb himself is a blogger, tech entrepreneur, and former counter-terrorism officer. One of his many predictions is an increase in weaponized social media, such as fake news and harmful propaganda. Another is the creation of AI terrorist networks – algorithms and chatbots that can recruit, coordinate attacks, and possibly even carry them out. There is no doubt that AI technology can be used maliciously to cause harm. Analysts like Robb highlight threat scenarios.

We at AIWS take emerging threats seriously. Our goal is to create policy to ensure that new technology is used to benefit society. To that end, we have established partnerships with initiatives like Next Generation Democracy to promote democracy and resist nationalism and authoritarianism. In April, we will also be announcing An Ethical Framework for AI. Despite rising threats, AIWS remains optimistic that this new technology can be used positively and responsibly.