Seven Layers of AI Ethics

At our April BGF-G7 Summit, AIWS will announce its Ethical Framework for AI, which outlines beneficial and safe uses for the technology. The framework will involve seven layers, which are listed below, covering concepts for public policy, technology, ethics, and more:


Artificial Intelligence World Society (AIWS) Model

Layer 7 (Application Layer)  Application and Services

Layer 6 (Public Service Layer) Public Services: Transportation, Healthcare, Education, Justice System

Layer 5 (Policy Layer) Policy, Regulation, Convention, Norms

Layer 4 (Legislation Layer) Law and Legislation

Layer 3 (Tech Layer) Technical Management, Data Governance, Algorithm accountabilty, Standards, IT Experts Management.

Layer  2 (Ethics Layer) Ethical Frameworks, Criteria, Principles

Layer 1 (Charter Layer) Charter, Concepts